Facial Recognition

Facial recognition plays an important role in identifying employees of an organisation, it also plays a vital role in private and public safety by using video streams to identify possible criminals. Facial recognition combined with licence plate recognition ensures that the streets and neighbourhoods of any city and town is kept safe.

Why Face Recognition?

Society Productivity- Enhanced Efficiency Demand

Commercial statistics show that 80% of the bank’s revenue comes from 20% of VIP customers

Video Surveillance Industry Developing Trend

Safe-city projects, Home Guarding are underway over the world, human & vehicle are common interested objects. Camera No./base & resolution increase dramatically brings storage challenge. Useful data fast tracking from big-data video highly required

Nowadays, as the fierce competition, there is a trend for business strategy move forward to service from traditional product selling. So, how to increase customer satisfaction has been the key element. Particularly, for those VIP customers, it’s necessary to make a specific service treatment to make them enjoy the exclusive and considerate experience as soon as they arrived. Customer satisfaction will boost sales growth!

Insufficiency of Traditional Face Recognition Solution

Traditional intelligent video surveillance has especially strict requirements for a scene’s background. For human facial recognition process, two key steps are required:

features extraction

Quite often in today’s fast paced environment companies does not always know or properly manage the people that enter and leave their premises. The implementation of facial recognition will make this daunting task much simpler and easier to manage. Uniview has a number of different cost effective cameras that will effectively detect positive and negative listed people entering the premises and will trigger alarms in the security control room to take the appropriate actions. Combine this with the Artificial Intelligence (AI)deep learning NVR and numerous other AI related functionalities becomes possible.

With the recent breakout of the COVID pandemic it became imperative to do away with and touch based access control systems such as biometric and PIN based access control systems.

Efficient security

Facial recognition is a quick and efficient verification system. It is faster and more convenient compared to other biometric technologies like fingerprints or retina scans. There are also fewer touchpoints in facial recognition compared to entering passwords or PINs. It supports multifactor authentication for additional security verification.

Improved accuracy

Facial recognition is a more accurate way to identify individuals than simply using a mobile number, email address, mailing address, or IP address. For example, most exchange services, from stocks to cryptos, now rely on facial recognition to protect customers and their assets.

Easier integration

Face recognition technology is compatible and integrates easily with most security software. For example, smartphones with front-facing cameras have built-in support for facial recognition algorithms or software code