All-in-one Energy Storage System GZ-Hyper-5000(A)

The Grid Zero hybrid inverter and batteries helps you reduce your electricity bills while maximising energy independence from the Eskom power grid. It is packed with benefits such as greater energy harvesting from PV Solar panels and its compact design saves you space, while its slim appearance fits your houses’ aesthetics. In addition, plug and play and free online monitoring enables a faster installation, and quicker site mapping to the monitoring platform, as well as easier maintenance with minimised effort. No more loadshedding worries with the All-In-One Hybrid Inverter.


  • Natural cooling
  • Extremely quiet
  • Flexible and easy to expand
  • Smart and easy operation
  • Intelligent charging and active balance
  • Solar Ready

Easy & Fast Installation

Plug and play connection saves 40% installation time.

Compact & Elegant Design

Unique arc design, support All-in-one or split application

Maximized Self-consumption

Less energy using from grid, more from solar power

Flexible Storage Capacity

Large energy storage capacity up to 25 kWh

Smart EV Charger Protection

Over Voltage/Over Temperature/Overload/Overall Full Protection

Easy Local & Remote Control

Remote diagnosis & upgrade minimize the effort of time-consuming manual maintenance

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