About Us

Grid Zero is a proud member of the Dream Weaver Group established in 2006. With a presence throughout South Africa, we offer secure and reliable Smart Security and Alternative Power solutions to home owners and businesses of all size. It is crucial for residential and office buildings to account for the safety of people and property inside them. With increasing living standards and fierce competition between businesses all over the world, facility managers, security managers, and building owners are incorporating smart technologies in their design and daily operations to improve the safety, comfort, and productivity of their building occupants. To offer world class Smart Security solutions, we have partnered with leading technology suppliers such as Hikvision, Uniview and Secutel. In partnership with Secutel we can provide you with Smart Security in the cloud on an as a service basis where you have no upfront CAPEX requirements.

Businesses and homeowners alike are facing increased challenges with the ongoing power outages we are facing as a country. We understand the financial impact and discomfort caused by this and have therefore added Alternative Power Solutions to our offering. We have done extensive research to find a All In One (AIO) solution at an affordable price. We therefore partnered with Livoltek to supply the market with affordable Alternative Power solutions ideally suited for our conditions.

The LIVOLTEK All-in-one Energy Storage System (ESS) combines a hybrid inverter and low-voltage batteries that can help you reduce your electricity bills while maximizing energy independence from the grid. It is packed with benefits such as greater energy harvest from PV module, its compact design saves your space, while its slim appearance fits your house aesthetics. In addition, plug and play and free online monitoring enabling faster installations, quicker site mapping to the monitoring platform, and easier maintenance with minimized efforts.