Cloud Based Video Surveillance

The SecuVue CVR (Cloud Video Recorder) brings intelligence to all cameras.



A single SecuVue CVR can support anything from 1 to 16 cameras on a single unit in a cost-effective way


Link the SecuVue CVR to your existing NVR or DVR and select the cameras which should be linked to the SecuVue Cloud-based monitoring platform.

SecuVue Cluster

This is a highly expandable solution. By clustering several SecuVue CVR’s linked to high performance, high volume NAS data storage, a large number of cameras can be managed as a single unit

Various Options

• Recording on local storage (up to 12TB per CVR) in full HD or merely act as a bridge between the cameras and the Cloud. • Send snapshots (not footage) to the Cloud in low resolution to save time and bandwidth. • Exception only options (e.g. footage based on movement detection only

Camera to Cloud

Link your existing and/or new cameras to the Cloud in a sensible manner. We take care of all the hard work to manage bandwidth availability and usage and your control room staff only need to deal with exceptions based on your business rules. Turn surveillance cameras into intelligent sources of information.

Surveillance in the Cloud

Do your surveillance from anywhere in the world. The SecuVue platform considerably reduce bandwidth requirements and can cater for exception-based surveillance linked to your own business rules. Turn surveillance cameras into intelligent sources of information

Analytics from any camera

It is no longer a requirement for companies to invest in high-end cameras in order to do video analytics. The SecuVue platform enables standard cameras to have access to analytics.

Facial collection & recognition

The SecuVue facial collection and recognition Cloud platform is based on highly scalable, deep learning technology - developed by our computer vision scientists to analyse millions of images daily for clients in several industries. Facial recognition enables you to find similar faces in a large collection of images

LPR (License Plate Recognition)

The SecuVue LPR technology solution is a Cloud-based service, it does not only allow for identifying and recognising vehicles in any geographic region. It can also be linked to your own or the national VOI (vehicle of interest) database. This will help to identify wanted and suspect vehicles.

Secure encryption

On the SecuVue Cloud platform photo and video uploads are stored to the server using AES-256 encryption. It makes all data, end-to-end, secure and encrypted - using the highest in industry standard