Artificial Intelligence

The physical security market is rapidly migrating from reactional based security to preventative security systems. The perpetrator needs to be detect and identified before the actual crime takes place in order to execute preventative reaction and responses. In order to achieve this, security solution manufacturers are rapidly introducing Articifial Intelligence based technologies to avieve the required results.

Uniview’s AI BOX-Intelligent edge computing server is independently developed by Uniview. The built-in +deep learning algorithm enables intelligent applications such as accurate face recognition and multiple behaviour analysis. Uniview provides an API interface that allows customers to connect to third-party platforms to meet the needs of various usage scenarios and intelligent upgrade of existing video surveillance systems. It can be applied to projects such as smart retail, smart bank, smart petrol station and smart construction site/factory.

While security goals have not changed, technology has now evolved to enable autonomous responses and monitoring that not only improves the speed of security operations but increases operational efficiency and creates safer work environments. Autonomous solutions free personnel from the tedium of monitoring and observation while being capable of doing much more than simply triggering alerts that notify people. They can activate security protocols and enable devices to communicate with each other to capture more information and keep people safe without human intervention. This autonomy frees up personnel to focus on strategy, decision making and human response.

In the future, a pan-tilt-zoom camera running AI analytics at an entry point will identify a weapon on a person, zoom in to get a closer look, and direct the access control system to lock the door to prevent entry. Simultaneously, it will send an alert to a security team, occupants or the authorities with this information and maybe even autonomously deploy a drone to find and track the person. In other words, this system will prevent a potentially harmful incident without human intervention.